Heavy Birthday Surprise

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 06/27/2020
Q: Swirl
Pax: Forrest, Glory, Grandmas Boy, Rage, Sandbag, Short Circuit
DR Pax:

Great day to move some weight around the park with some friends to help Celebrate a Birthday. Even for a chance to smash some weights (literally). Enjoy some much earned breakfast afterwards
Equipment needed 3x Rucks 45-60lbs, 2x Cinder Blocks, 1x 120lbs & 1x 60lbs sandbag.

The Thang:
WarmUp: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Al Gore, some light stretching,
When moving between areas, each persone picks up a weight rotating what they grab for each move. 2 people on the 120lbs sandbag.
Round 1: move weight 120m, then complete complete 10x 120lbs Deadlifts, 10x 60lbs shoulder press, 10x shoulder shrugs with bricks. Everyone is doing plank before and flutter kicks after.
Round 2: move weight 180m, then 5x 120lbs rows, 10x 60lbs squats, 20 merkins. Everyone does SSH before & after.
Round 3: move weight 180m, then 200m relay with 60lbs sandbag, 10x 120lbs deadlift, weighted flutter kicks. Everyone does High knees before & after.
Round 4: move 30 to base of hill. In pairs of 2 move 120lbs sandbag up the hill. After 5 throws sprint to the top of the hill. The next group bear crawl to the sandbag and continue until the bag is at the top of the hill. Repeat with 60lb sandbag. After weight is moved everyone sprints to the top to bring the weight back down. Everyone is doing squats while waiting thier turn on the hill.
Round 4: move weight 50m and circle up for a round of American Hammers, passing a cinder block around 30 times.

July 4th & 10, Health, Family

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