AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 06/23/2020
Q: Clearance Clarence
Pax: ATM, Billy Goat, Crimson Hawk, Grills, Gypsy, Slap Shot, Ute
FNG: Bob (Hawkeye)
DR Pax:

Windmills, Side Straddle Hop, Side Stretch, High Knees, Front Kicks, Pot Stir, Skater Jumps

The Thang:
Sumo Squats, Imperial Walkers in Place, Ballerinas, Side Lunges, Heismans, Single Leg Squats L R, Reverse Lunges, Single Leg Calf Raises L R, Super Mario in Place, Leg Raises Front, High Knees, Leg Raises Side, High Knees, Leg Raises Back, Ground Side Laying Leg Raises/Circles/Bicycles each side, Fire Hydrant, Donkey Kicks, Mary: Dying Cockroach/LBCs/Scissor Kicks/American Hammer + 11 Pushups

Slapshots selling house/moving etc, Healing for Bob’s brother in-law pancreatic cancer, Praise for high attendance numbers and fellowship with awesome guys!

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