Hit the Bricks

AO: The Junction
Beatdown Date: 06/20/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Dora 1.2.3, Glow Stick
DR Pax:

Warm up: 2mile mosey, arm circles 20 cadence front/ backward, 20 iron crosses in cadence. Mosey to Focker truck and get coupons (cement bricks)

The Thang:
Bricks overhead, walk to SW corner of field, 25 bicep curls in cadence with slow count on last 5. Brick overhead walk to SE corner, 25 overhead presses in cadence last 5 slow count, brick overhead walk to NE corner, 25 forward press in cadence with slow count last 5, brick overhead walk to NW corner and 25 American Hammers with brick in cadence with last 5 slow count. 1 minute Plank. 50 yard of lunges with brick. 50 Yards Odin jumps with brick. 25 diamond pushups. Motivators starting at 6. 1/2 mile cool down mosey. 1 minute plank for Mary.

Lots to pray for! Dora’s mom in Hospital for Covid. Dora’s dad not able to visit her and having to fend for self at home. Glowstick moving and need for job in VA. Chief and Uhauls M’s pregnancies. My mom’s recovery from surgery. Clickblockers Uncle with cancer. Pray for social justice and for the spirit and protection of police and protestors. Wrapped it up with deep and meaningful conversation at the end! Thanks guys for a great morning!!!

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