A Buffet of Pain

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 06/20/2020
Q: Rage
Pax: Grandmas Boy, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Swirl
DR Pax:

Run along the first seven steps, butt kickers and high knees for the last two. Static stretching.

The Thang:
Flying knees, flying squirrel, mcFlys.
Prayer squat:
Hold, single heel raises, both heel raises, both heels hold, pulsing.
Diamond, pilates, regular, wide.
Gorilla, gorilla burpees, box jump burpees.
Reverse plank hold, alternating leg lifts, narrow to V reverse plank hold.
Legs straight, 90 degree, 3-pointed, 3-pointed toe touch dips.
Low side lunges (finish with a wrap), jump lunge to “”Rage Plank”” (patent pending).
Crawl bear, bear crawl, plank shuffle.
Frog crunch, scissors, cowboy crunch, alternating leg raises, elbow to knee oblique crunch, leg climb.

Prayed for wisdom, patience, understanding, and resolve.

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