Rerun Again

AO: First Tree
Beatdown Date: 06/16/2020
Q: Billy Goat
Pax: ATM, Crimson Hawk, Grills, Gypsy
FNG: Bret- Ute
DR Pax:

Imperial Squat Walker-C (circled the Ramada)
Randy’s-C (50)
Six Minutes of Uncle (Pull ups, leg lifts, etc..)
T-Merkin-C (15)

The Thang:

Elevens- Dips and Jump/step ups

2 rounds of:
Escalators 10-Incline Merkins, 20-one leg squats, 30- Hallelujahs, 40-E2Ks, 50 (all together 8-each)- Downward Merkins

Australian Snow Angels- (20)
Dying Cockroach-C (15)
Outlaws (in flutter kick position, make O’s 10)
Rosalita-Slow C (10)
American Hammer-C (15)

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