Right on Schedule

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 06/13/2020
Q: Chief
Pax: Rocketman, Sweater Vest, Timber, Twinkle Toes, U-Haul, Wiley, Bullseye
DR Pax:

Beautiful morning at the Furnace! A lot to be grateful for, including the mountain views and cool mornings. Twinkle Toes was feeling warm after an EC run before the beat down.

Disclaimer done and it’s time to get started!

The Thang:
– Plank jacks IC x 12
– Goofballs IC x 12
– Butt kickers IC x 12
– High knees IC x 12
– Alerted PAX to keep their eye out for any buses on Indian School road. They were informed of a special song (may ring a bell for some) that says the word “bus” in it multiple times. We will have some fun playing that song for each bus that goes by. And by the way, West bound buses = much more difficult exercises. Fingers crossed only east bound buses…

Run to other side of park between each set.
Monkey jumpers – 4 sets of 10 (10 monkey humpers and 10 squat jumps) OYO
Up straddle hop – 4 sets of 10 per leg IC
Randys – 4 sets of 40 IC
Peoples chair air presses – 4 sets of 20 IC
Hand release merkin burpees – 4 sets of 8 OYO

The PAX were so happy to see that the buses were on schedule this morning in the gloom. We had 3 buses go by – 1 east bound and 2 west bound. While listening to the bus song:
– East bound bus = Squats for duration of the song and each “bus” during the song means squat jump
– West bound bus = Little man in the woods for duration of song and each “bus” during song is one merkin

YHC did not inform PAX ahead of time, but they were about to enter a longer than normal Mary. Yikes!
– 1 min plank (regular)
– 1 min of Russian twists
– 1 min plank (wide arms and legs)
– 1 min crunchy frog
– 1 min plank (narrow arms and feet together)
– 1 min WW2 SU
– 1 min side plank (30 seconds each side)
– 1 min LBCs
– 1.5 min plank to close it out!

COT – Prayers for SV’s mom after recent surgery.

Talked about the mission of F3 – invigoration of male community leadership and what that means for us as a group and each of us individually. “Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin. Our actions speak louder than our words and our actions best exemplify our values.

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