Funnels and Towels

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 06/13/2020
Q: Sandbag
Pax: Billy Goat, Forrest, Rage, Short Circuit, Stark, Swirl
FNG: Alex aka Spayed
DR Pax:

Mark these distances prior to beatdown: 20, 40, 60 and 80 yards. Pax need a bath sized towel. Disclaimer.

The Thang:
Be ready for a lot of mumble chatter during the WU, but know that it will subside in a few minutes…

40 yards. Exercise down. Jog back to start.
Super Mario’s w/ hallelujah.
Slow Shuffle w/ tree hugger 180* @1/2 mark.
Quick skip w/ Moroccan night club.
Backpedal w/ Merkin motion.
Bunny hops w/ arm circles.
Carioca w/ arms in SSH 180* @1/2 mark.
Dog-n-Bush (lift leg up to side and rotate to the front. Alternate legs advancing forward.)
Burpees O.M.D. x 15.

The Thang:
80 yard dash (all you got – AYG) X 6. 30 seconds rest between reps. Finish line becomes the start line after each rep.
After set: 3 min rest.

60 yard dash AYG X 8. 25 second rest between reps.
After set: 2 min rest.

40 yard dash AYG X 10. 20 second rest after each.

Mosey to playground equipment with your bath sized towel.

Loop towel around post @ chest height. Put legs at base of post. Lean back so body is at 45* to post. Pull yourself up and down. Feet stay in place.

Towel: Row up/down. On my Up/Down x 10.
No towel: Squeeze shoulder blades together. IC x 10.

Towel: Starting position rowed up to top. 3 count down. IC x 10.
No towel: Squeeze shoulder blades together for 3 count hold. IC x 10.

Towel: Up and down IC x 10.
No towel: Squeeze shoulder blades together. IC x 10.

Mt. Climber burpees: Count Mt. Climbers IC x 6, then burpee is 1 rep. X 5 reps.

Pray for grace. Pax M expecting soon. July 4th convergence @ North Shore. CSAUP on July 10th.

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