300 on Steroids Yet Again

AO: The Junction
Beatdown Date: 06/13/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Panther, Roll Cage
DR Pax:

Still very impressed with the turf at the Junction! The grass is like working out on a fairway of a golf course! So easy on the knees and a nice break from the pounding we take on PTR!!!! Roll cage was there on time and ready to go, so we did!

The Thang:
Very similar to last week with the exception of runs in between sets! Started off with a jog around the field, approximately 1/2 mile. Then Panther did warm up… 15 windmills, 20 cherry pickers, 20 overhead claps, 20 iron crosses. Then motivators counting down from 8. 100 yard run, 100 yard high knees, 100 yard karaoke. 25 x 4 lunge-lunge-jumps, 25 X 4 variations on Merkins (diamond, wide, hands free), 2 minute planks x2, 50 shoulder touches, 50 kick throughs. Between each set do a run, then high knees and lastly karaoke. Mary = 15 cadence American hammers, 15 x2 4 for the cores, and 10 cadence flutter kicks. Cool down 200 yard run.

Prayed for Glowstick, moving and job, clock blockers uncle with cancer, chief’s M and her pregnancy, my mom and her recovery post surgery, police and protestors, Covid and first responders, nurses, doctors and those who are sick. Prayed for compassion, empathy and love. Check ya next week!!! Coffee at my new favorite Union Coffee House!!!

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