And There was Stu

AO: Piestewa
Beatdown Date: 06/12/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: C(L)ock Blocker, Geronimo, Rocketman, Stu, Sweater Vest, T-Bone, Timber, U-Haul, Zanjero
DR Pax:

Imagine you are running and you come over your last ridge and there, behold, is your best friend. It was kinda like that today! Thanks @Stu for the appearance. Although some are suggesting there was a helicopter drop off involved 🚁

The Thang:
The usual! Run, don’t trip, drink water, see Grandma Sandy – say hello, keep running. Do 25’s. Drink water, run downhill, try and catch ZanHero. Do 25’s again. Back up to the saddle, 25’s. Keep pace under 16’s. Run downhill with T-none and Timber on my tail. Run up final step incline and poof there’s Stu! Do last set of 25’s.

Talked about the 10 workout challenge in July, also the 300+10! Prayed for C(L)ockblockers Uncle Craig who was dx with cancer and for Chief’s M and her pregnancy. Also prayed for the Police, protestors and social justice. Push to get to your favorite AO tomorrow Furnace, Junction, or Gilbert at 0600!!!

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