Double Check Off

AO: The Junction
Beatdown Date: 6/6/2020
Q: Focker
Pax: Glow Stick, Panther
DR Pax:

Guest Q for me @ the junction. Put up the F3 banner and got one inquiry… except it was for FIA!!!! Lol. No one logged in for Zoom… so we started on time without it! Awesome morning for a BD!!!

The Thang:
@panther lead the warm up. This consisted of Windmills, Cherry Pickers, Iron Crosses, overhead arm claps, Motivators (7 count). Start with 3 sets of High Knee slip running of 100 yards and Karaoke on the way back. Next was a mile jog. 15 side lunges. 100 lunge/lunge/jumps, 25 diamond Merkins, 25 wide Merkins, 25 wide Merkins, 25 regular Merkins. 100 shoulder touches. 2 minute Planks x 2. 50 Kick Throughs. Finished with 1/2 mile jog and Mary round robin style. Count-arama, Name-arama.

Pax prayed for Glory’s wife, Huggies employment, Glowsticks move and employment, my mom who is recovering post surgery, and for the police and protesters. Also for social justice and equality, compassion, empathy and love! Off to Union Coffee… which is my new favorite btw!!! Blessings Brothers!!!! Focker

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