Run Forrest Run

AO: Union Station
Beatdown Date: 6/3/2020
Q: Forrest
Pax: Rage, Sandbag, Short Circuit, Stark, Swirl
DR Pax:

Warm up
Imperial Walkers
Side straddle hop
High knees
Arm circles forward and backward
Wide squat 10.
Legs together squat 10
3 part Lunges Forward, 45 degree, and side lunges
One Leg swings forward and backward
Butt kickers
Ballistic chest stretch

The Thang:
Group starts with Side Straddle Hop
1 pax takes off up first step of auditorium and runs the length of it and at the end advances up a step.
When 1st pax gets to end of first step another pax does the same.
The rest start Mtn Climbers
3rd pax runs, the rest do Squats
4th Pax runs the last does lunges
5 pax then runs
When the 1st Pax runs each level he returns and starts the exercises the others completed.
When each pax returns they pick up on the exercises.

Rinse a repeat for a second round of the same.

Elevated merkin with a 3 count both leg kickout, kick in and kickout

All run up and down the auditorium steps


Dips while Stark runs up and down the steps

Then switch and the rest of the Pax go up and down steps while Stark does Dips


Elevated 3 count LBC’s on step

Freddy Mercury’s

Knees up legs to one side and sit-ups. Then reverse side.

Flutter kicks

Side sit-ups knees to elbows
Then do other side

11 merkins

One more run up and down auditorium

Merkins till failure


Praying for Covid-19 situation to alleviate and for protests to calm.

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