Brisket, Brisket, Brisket!

AO: North Shore
Beatdown Date: 5/28/2020
Q: Chief
Pax: Armstrong, Lambert, Longboard, Odin, Stu, Sweater Vest, Timber
DR Pax:

Another beautiful day in the virtual gloom! Disclaimer given and we’re ready to roll!

The Thang:

  • Mountain climber IC x 15
  • Side lunge IC x 10/leg
  • High knees IC x 15
  • Butt kickers IC x 15

Informed the PAX that today was National __ Day. Gave them a hint that this food is considered the National Dish of Texas. Gave the PAX a minute to think about their answer during a 2 minute mosey.

After some mumble chatter between the PAX, it was revealed that today we were celebrating National Brisket Day! Unfortunately no brisket was consumed before, during, or after beat down.

Played some brisket trivia. If PAX were correct no burpees, incorrect is 6 burpees, and “I don’t know” was 3 burpees. Let’s roll!

1) Question #1: How many cuts of beef? Incorrect answer of 40. Correct was 9 (with brisket being one of them). 6 burpees followed by 10 motivators (9 for each cut of beef plus one for extra helping that YHC loves to get each time)
2) Question #2: What part of cow is brisket? Incorrect answer given, correct answer is lower chest. 6 burpees followed by 20 derkins.
3) Question #3: The part of the cow that brisket comes from supports what % of the cow’s body weight? Incorrect answer of 80%. Correct answer 60%. 6 burpees followed by 60 sumo squats with coupon. Sweater Vest asked for confirmation and was hoping he heard “sixteen” instead of “sixty”. Maybe next time, nice try.
4) 2 minute mosey to think about favorite brisket dish
5) Question #4: What is it called when brisket is smoked, pieces are cut and returned to smoker? Sweater Vest didn’t flinch and correctly guessed it – burnt ends (Mmmm)! NO burpees followed by bicep curls IC x 30 with coupon.
6) Question #5: What state claims to be the first to have brisket? YHC thought it was a softball but Armstrong was adamant…and had the wrong answer (maybe intentionally?). Correct answer TX. 6 burpees followed by calf raises (3 sets of 30 IC)
7) 2 minute mosey to dream about a brisket sandwich
8) Question #6: What is proper etiquette – serve brisket with or without sauce? Armstrong was on a roll (no pun intended) and incorrectly guessed WITH sauce. 6 burpees followed by 15 scorpion DRY docks IC. Lot of debate here on the right answer.


  • Side plank 30 seconds each side
  • High flutter kick with hold at top
  • Low flutter with coupon

YHC and PAX were smoked (pun intended) and already thinking about what was for lunch!

Talked about gratitude and changing our perspective of “getting to do something” even if it may be a struggle, be difficult, or be unexpected. So much to be grateful for that we take for granted on a daily basis.

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