Sponsored by Merkin

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 5/28/2020
Q: Stark
Pax: Sandbag, Short Circuit
DR Pax:

Warm up – SSH, Abe Bagoda, Imperial Walkers, Burpees, Good evenings

The Thang:
Its a balmy 104 this evening…
Lets get stated…
10 Incline merkins,
20 Left Right Step up
10 Declined Merkins

perfect time for a BLIMPS circuit. Line up at the bottom of the big stairs…put a turn around point at about 90′
Down, change exercise and back.
Bear Crawl Down
Lunge Walk Back
Imperial Walker Down followed by
Merkins x10
Plank Jacks x15
Sprint Back.

Over to the big hill.
20 Overhead claps
Sprint up the hill and back down
10 Burpees

Up and Down the stairs
Until you visit the Dog House and see the steps – these are not normal steps.
Start at the bottom step and go until the big steps
Include merkins going up, Climb the 5 Big steps to the top, Down the 5 big steps, Decline Merkins going down.
6,5,4,3 then up to the top…then down 6,5,4,3
5,4,3,2 then up to the top…then down 5,4,3,2
4,3,2,1 then up to the top…then down 4,3,2,1

A bit of time left…so 1 more round of BLIMPS

LBCs, Alternating legs Homer to marge, Plank – to left hand up – 10 Merkins…plank….to right hand up…10 Merkins….and we are done.


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