The Rage Is Relentless

AO: The Dog House
Beatdown Date: 5/20/2020
Q: Rage
Pax: Billy Goat, Forrest, Glory, Huggies, Sandbag, Short Circuit
DR Pax:

Side straddle hop, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, arm circles, tree huggers, Frankensteins.

The Thang:
Low down dog to lunge chest expansion – 20
Plank shoulder taps(2) to kickout(2) burpees – 10
Low pelvic squat to flat back – 10 in cadence
Squat Jacks to penguin squats – 15each
Lateral jump(3) to push up with arm raises – 10
Lateral squat jumps – 20
Low lateral lunge with side bend – 10
Inmate explode to squat jumps – 10
Squat to elevated table-top toe taps(2) with push up – 15
Single leg dips – 20each
Crab walk forward to toe taps(10) then reverse – 3
Jump lunge (2) to plank lunge (2) to single leg push up – 10
Scissor feet to plank tuck (5) to 180 squat jump – 4
Bulgarian squats – 30each
Single leg elevated hip thrusts – 30each
Single leg squat (6) to warrior one hold – 6
Bunny hop to jackrabbit up the steps of Valhalla – 3
Superman to jacknife crunch to superman – 5 each for 5 sets
High plank to low plank and thread the needle hold – 8
LAST MAN STANDING: Starfish Crunch – Winner: Sandbag


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