Gary Underhill

AO: The Furnace
Beatdown Date: 5/13/2020
Q: Armstrong
Pax: Chief, Focker, Spaetzle, Sweater Vest, Timber, Panther, Stu, Armstrong
(All Pax Listed on Attendance Sheet)
FNG: None
DR Pax: None

Disclaimer: Modify as needed but push yourself. Today we will be honoring my 86 year old neighbor Gary.

The Thang:
Gary Underhill
Born in May 13 1934. (86)
Served in the Army as a medic in the 63rd Engineer Company


¼ mile Mosey.

86 Merkins

¼ mile Mosey

63 Squats

¼ mile Mosey

86 hill climbers

¼ mile Mosey

63 WW2 Sit Ups

¼ mile Mosey

Tabata (40/20)
Hill Climbers
WW2 Sit Ups

¼ mile Mosey

13 hand release merkins

¼ mile Mosey

19 Burpees

¼ mile Mosey

34 Jump Squats


Prayers for Focker as he continues going through 14-day quarantine. Praise/Prayer for Spaetzel’s family on his dad size. Celebrating the health of his Grandpa who passed at 97. And grieving for the additional loss of extended relative.

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