RoadRunner 500+

Date: 5/5/2020 in the year of Covid

time: 0530

Place: #AORoadrunner, Phoenix AZ

Pax: 10 with 2 DR from PA! @Stu, @Chief, @Uhaul, @Odin, @Timber, @ShockCollar, @Dora, @Thorn (DR-PA), @Vanilla (DR -PA)

Q: @Focker

Warmorama: windmills 10 x cadence (c), Kickout x10c, Michael Phelps x10c, big arm circles front & back x10c, Apollo Onos x10c

The Thang: each set consists of the following—. SSH x10c, Kick Through x10c, Merkins x25, squats x25, Mountain Climbers x25, R & L lunge with hop c 10, WW2 x25. (Repeat set x 4). In between sets do 20 count downs of jump rope and high knees alternating sets.

Repeat the Warmorama for a cool down.

Mary: Eddie Merck’s, LBC, turtleplanks, plank R-L, Flutters


COT! Virtual style!! Praying for first responders and front line workers. Prayed for Lyla, 99 year old grandma.

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