Red & Blue 101

When: April 8th, 2020
Where: Zoom Video! (Not Zoom Technologies…)
Q: Messy

10 PAX Posted!

Disclaimer: Q is not a professional

Warm Up:
First VQ for Messy – forgets the name of side straddle hops (20 of those IC!)
10 Merkins IC
20 Imperial Walkers!

Pre Thang:
Background story on Messy’s sister becoming a US citizen – how fun would it be to see if the PAX could pass the citizenship interview?! WE SHALL SEE…

The Thang:
Q selects 15 questions out of the first 50 – of the total 100 pool of possible questions asked in a citizenship interview. For the full list of questions asked, please refer to the USCIS link provided at the end of this BackBlast.

Focus area: Legzzz
Get the question right:) 15 Squats IC
Get the question wrong:( 25 Jumping Side-to-side Squats OYO

Focus area: Armzzz
Get the question right:) 30 Air Presses (in Squat Position)
Get the question wrong:( 10 Displacing Side-to-side Merkins

Focus area: Abzzz
Get the question right:) 15 American (Highly Appropriate) Hammers IC
Get the question wrong:( Lay flat on your back, push both legs up and bring them back down (20 OYO)

Random focus area
Get the question right:) 15 Kobe Squats
Get the question wrong:( 17 Burpees

Count a rama: 10 Virtual PAX (+2 doggos:)

Name a rama: C(L)ock Blocker, U-Haul, Spatzle, Panther, Sweater Vest, Chief, Focker, Armstrong, Stu, Messy.

COT: Let the PAX know in these tough times, problems may seem overwhelming. Reminded them that “the only problem we really have, is that we think we’re not supposed to have them”. Let’s go out there and be better men for our families and community!!!

Works Cited haha

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