Disclaimer: I am not a professional, you do you, be smart not insane, know thy limits, do ask much as you can but more than you think… you got this. don’t spill merlot at my AO 🙂

Why a Woodpecker workout you ask? Because these friggin’ beast are killing my house! They are a destructive vermin who awake you at 0530 hammering on your house to extract insulation. I hate Woody Woodpecker now… thanks for ruining my fond memories of this childhood cartoon Mr. Woodpecker, well done good sir!

Warm-a-rama: Start with Motivators down from count of 10. Then Arms out to side for cherry pickers, count of 50. Keep arms out to side, overhead arm claps, count of 30. Keep arms out to side, seal claps, count 30. Keep arms out to side, overhead arm presses, count 30. Mosey… 1/2 mile (or alternatively 30 Imperial Walkers).

The Thang: W = 50 WW2 sit ups, O = 10 odin leaps forward, O = 10 odin leaps backward, D = 25 Durkins, P = 25 Pickle Pushers, E = 25 Elevators (calf raisers), C = 50 Crunches, K = 25 Knerkins (Merkins on your knuckles instead of open hand), E = 25 Elevators, R = 1 mile run (alternatively 50 Russian twists)

Mary: PAX choice du jour of 5 different ab exercises to a count of 15.

COT thoughts: Pray for those in our lives over the age of 75 as they are really being hit hard by this awful COVID-19. Pray for their safety and health, for them to be able to weather this storm and enjoy their Grandkids and Great Grandkids. Pray for those taking care of them if they are in LTC facilities or in senior living.

Hope you enjoyed WOODPECKERs as much as I did/do!!! @Focker

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