WOD AO: Camelback

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, do you, this is not a competition, if it hurts stop and change up to an exercise you can do, that being said push yourself… you can also do more than you think.

Stretching: We don’t believe in no darn stretching on ECHO Canyon hiking day! Do as you will, if you have to 🙂

The Thang: Each of these is a set, rinse and repeat x 6. Yes, your thighs should burn… that is what we do on Camelback. In between sets, add as you will 25 Mericans… or your choice du Jour of other F3 approved exercises (e.g. WW2, Imperial Walkers, SSH, etc.)

The Set: 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Monkey Humpers, 25 Lunges, 25 Jumping Squats (fyi… Right and Left equals one for MC’s and Lunges men, I know no HIM are complaining!)

Remember… Repeat “The Set” x6 and add the Mericans in-between.

ENJOY… it won’t be as scenic as ECHO Canyon… but I think your thighs will remember what day it is, we are a hikin’! @Focker

COT Thoughts: Praise God for the our planet and this beautiful creation. All around us are beautiful parks and places to see, sunrises/sets to enjoy. Hopefully you are somewhere to take a deep breathe, relax, let your heart rate calm and enjoy Gods creation.

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