LGOP in the West Valley

A few of us chose to meet at Rio Vista Park this morning for beatdown. We had @Odin, @Rollcage, @Dora and eventually @GlowStick joined us.

We warmed up with some side straddle hop, forward lunges and inchworms with a carolina drydock and 3 merkins inserted. We moseyed around the field before commencing with the Thang.

Today we went with the Dirty Mac Deuce routine. 12 4-count spiderman crawl merkins, 12 4-count split jacks, 12 4-count flutter kicks off the edge of the curb. Run around the field.

Next set started with Mike Tysons off the curb, calf raises, crunchy frogs then run around the field. We made sure to greet as many civilians as possible to get in some extra sets of burpees. @Odin was especially keen to get us some good morning burps.

Round 3: spiderman crawl merkins again, box jumps, flutter kicks then run around the field.

Final set: Mike Tysons, calf raises and crunchy frogs. Run around the field.

We utilized some park benches to performed 2 sets of 12 back extensions.

Time for merry. 4-count American Hammers, 4-count flutter kicks, Figure 4 for the Core. Plank out the final minutes with low plank directly into high plank followed by each side plank.

COT: 4 PAX – late guy splashing a lil’ merlot. Nantan dropping some wisdom – don’t try to find someone or something to blame. Find the solution.

Stay Safe F3 – SYITG

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