2 year Anniversary F3 Phoenix

AO: The Furnace

PAX: 10 Posted

When: 03/11/2020

Q: Wilson

Stretch/Warm Up

PAX did dynamic stretching and then motivators for a 5 count

The Thang

PAX mosied over to the school parking lot for a BD.

To start the PAX ran 2 sprints at 50% of max from one end of parking lot and back. 

PAX performed the following exercises together at each parking lot island station (4 total stations) then ran back to starting spot together.

Merkins 25x 

Calve Raises 25x

Air Squats 25x

Burpees 6x

Mountain Climbers 25x

Carolina Drydocks 11x

PAX mosied back to pull up bar for a short challenge, AMRAP pull ups for 1 minute.


LBCs 100x

Reverse Curls

Crunchy Frogs

Heel touches


10 PAX posted on a rainy Wednesday morning in the gloom. 


Focker, Armstrong, Uhaul, Chief, Blue Steel (DR), Timber, Clockerblocker, Sweater Vest, Ratatouille, Wilson (Q)




  • For those traveling and the families impacted by the Coronavirus spread.


  • For what’s happening within the F3 Phoenix and the entire F3 Nation community.

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