Bay Hill Classic!!

Q: C(L)ockblocker

AO: Furnace

PAX 18x!!

  1. C(L)ockblocker
  2. Sherpa
  3. Roadrash
  4. DR #1 Neckbrace
  5. Chief
  6. Spaetzle
  7. Uhaul
  8. Timber
  9. Wilson
  10. Focker
  11. Panther
  12. Boys-2-Men
  13. Ratatouille
  14. Sweater Vest
  15. DR #2 Butter (AKA the Godfather!!)
  16. DR (Blanking on Name)
  17. Armstrong
  18. Who am I missing??

C(L)ock showed up right on time proving, yet again, that he is more like C(L)ockmaster!! Chatter was going early this morning, disclaimer was given, and the mosey began.


SSH x18

Oooooo, I see what’s going on here. 18!! Playing golf again the PAX said. Ratatouille shouts out, “C(L)ock is a one hit wonder”. C(L)ock took big offense to such a claim (brushing aside, of course, the truth behind the statement) but it was clarified that we had a special guest in our appearance; Butter aka the Godfather; and C(L)ock was instructed to pay his hits which he did!! Resume warmarama!!

IW x18

Arm circles front x18

Arm circles back x18

SSH x18

Mosey to the Bay Hill!!

The Thang:

Bay Hill is this week which is known for being one of the hardest courses on the PGA tour. Francesco Molinari won the tournament in 2019 taking home more than $1.6MM. Robert Gamez, a former Wildcat, wasn’t as lucky and left the course empty handed. Feeling bad for Robert, we honored him by reliving his second round back nine.

The “course” is a beast style work out. 3x stations out and 3x stations back. The PAX is allowed to chose an exercise prior to the announcement of that holes score. What ever the score, is the rep of exercise at each station. Once an exercise is chosen it is crossed off the list and is over. The exercises were..

  1. Burpees
  2. Burpees
  3. Planks (Reps equal seconds)
  4. Planks
  5. Merkins
  6. WWII
  7. Royal Lunges
  8. Jump Squats
  9. Squats

The PAX was quizzed on their golf knowledge once holes 15-17 were reached. The PAX was unaware of the name “Bear Trap” and 5 penalty burpees were assigned as a result. On the last of the Bear Trap holes, #17, the PAX bear crawled to the first station and back once coming back around. On the 18th hole, we were a lot over par, and so Mr. Gamez quit to go straight to the 19th hole!


A big and sincere thank you was given to Butter for getting this started in Phoenix. Two years later, well over a 100 men reached, lots of new friendships, the thank you is beyond words. Here to many more years! Lenten encouragement was given and a Jewish prayer, popularly known as Psalm 103, was read:

Bless the LORD, my soul;

all my being, bless his holy name!

Bless the LORD, my soul;

and do not forget all his gifts,

Who pardons all your sins,

and heals all your ills,

Who redeems your life from the pit,

and crowns you with mercy and compassion,

Who fills your days with good things

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