Animal House II (The long awaited Sequel)

AO: The Furnace

When: 2/29/2020

PAX: 16

FNG: Gene Simmons and his dog (F3 name “Jack”)

Q: Sherpa


  • Disclaimer (You versus You, not a professional)
  • Explained the history of Leap Year. After every exercise we are to do 4 Leap Frogs in honor of the Leap Year, 1 less if you are between 30 and 40 years old, 2 less if you are older than 40
  • Spaetzle arrives late receives the chain and clock from Pixel



  • 15 Seal Jacks
  • 15 Diamondback Squats
  • 2x20yards of bunny hop with a twist
  • 2x20yards of backward duck walk
  • 2x20yards of spider lunge

The Thang

  • Chicken Run: (Aka Indian run for Chickens) Lead Chicken carried a 50lb bag of chicken feed. Last Chicken did 3 Merkins and 4 leap frogs.
  • BAT Wings
    • 20 Forward Arm Circles hold
    • 20 Backward Arm Circles hold
    • 20 Seal Claps hold
    • 20 overhead Claps
    • Using a 4 count
    • 1:4 then 2:8 then 3:12 then 4:16 (Repeat)
    • 1:4 Leap Frog + Seal walk (crawl while dragging legs)
    • 1:4 Burpee + Bear Walk
    • 1:4 Crab Jacks + Crab Walk
  • Cheetah run (run as fast as you can)
  • Racoon Crawl on picnic benches
  • Monkey Squats

Mary –

  • 20 Frog Crunch
  • 20 Starfish Crunch
  • 20 Dead Bug
  • 5 count Plank Arama Low, up/down, high, R side, L side)



COT – talked about the purpose of Lent


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