The A Team on A-Mountain

AO: North Shore (Tempe)

When: 2/20/2020

PAX: 5 (Timber, Sweater Vest, Pixel, Pitino DR from Charlotte, Watch DR from Cleveland)

FNG: None

Q: Chief




SSH (IC x 15)

Shoulder touches (IC x 15)

Merkins (IC x 10)

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bridge for a jog to the south side.
    • Complete 1 Bonnie Blair (per leg) at first light. 1 Duck lunge (per leg) at second light. 2 Bonnie Blairs (per leg) at third light. 2 Duck lunges (per leg) at fourth light etc, etc. until reaching the other side (17 total light poles!).
    • Came to LONGEST stop light ever and since there is no wasting time, complete SSH until walk sign gives us the go ahead.
  • Straight up A-Mountain.
    • Run together as PAX until first landing. Brief “intermission” with some walking so the calves don’t burst.
    • At landing: 11 incline merkins on bench, 11 dips on bench, and 11 incline wide merkins on bench.
    • To the top we go!
    • At the top, take in the view while completing calf raises IC until Q could no longer lift his legs.
    • Back down to the landing for 20 incline merkins IC on the bench.
    • Down to the bridge. Run across the bridge and do 7 burpees for every white vehicle that goes by…better run fast! Fortunately no white cars (this time)…phew.





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