AO: The Furnace

When: 02/19/2020

PAX: 18 posted

Q: Wilson

Stretch/Warm Up

The Thang

PAX did dynamic stretching before breaking into teams for The Thang

PAX split into 4 teams and performed the following exercises and the collective reps shown below. Once the team finished an exercise, they ran a lap together and focused on staying together on the run.

Merkins 250x

Calve Raises 250x

Air Squats 250x

LBCs 250x

Bench Dips 250x

Mountain Climbers 200x

Carolina Drydocks 250x

Burpees 100x

Reverse Crunch 220x


18 PAX posted


Boyz 2 Men, Fletch (DR from NC), Spaztle, Stiffler, Sherpa, Messy, Timber, Clockblocker, SweaterVest, Ratatouille, Cornel Mustard, Chief, Dora 123, Stiffler, Stir Fry.

Welcome El Chapo (FNG), Barista (FNG), Cousin Eddy (FNG) to the F3 community!


Prayers: Sherry for her recovery from a heart attack (Chief’s Mom), Patty for her battle with cancer (Barista’s Mom).

Praises: Pops (Clockblocker’s Mom)

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