Walls Come In All Sizes

Date: 18 February 2020

Location: AO Roadrunner

Q: Dora 1,2,3

Pax: Stu, Timber, Odin



4 count Side Straddle Hop, Parking Space Shuffle

Our first “wall” was the curb. We performed 3 sets of Mike Tysons w/ 5 Merkins instead of 1. We went for a yog counterclockwise around the park and found a wall slightly taller than waist high. This was the perfect wall to have one partner in the prone position with their torso hanging over the walls edge. The other partner must secure the prone partner’s legs to the ground to prevent a face plant. The prone partner performed 10 Pickle Grinders. @Odin quickly recognized the source for the name of this exercise. Flapjack the partners. Flapjack again for an additional 20 Pickle Grinders. We continued the yog back to the shovel flag, but @Timber’s shoelaces came untied. This was a good time to practice some more Mike Tysons. We repeatedly stopped along the route to “tie our shoes” until returning to the shovel flag. 

It was time to find a taller wall. We moseyed to the pond and took the flag with us to ensure no locals would need to “secure” it for us while we were away. 2 Pax ran around the lake while the remaining went Balls to The Wall and did Wall Worms from the hand stand position. Flap Jack. Flap Jack again but this time perform Dirty Hookups. Flap Jack.

We moseyed to the start, the flag still in our possession, and performed some round robin merry. 


Counterama – 4

Namerama – no FNGs


– Bar-B-Que @Timber’s March 28, 3pm. 

– CSAUP April 4, 4am Ruck from AO The Furnace to over and back across Camelback Mountain to a BD completion at The Furnace. 

I dub the CSAUP “The Last Straw” The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back.

Intentions/Prayers/Praises/Thanks/Words of Wisdom (WOWs) – keep @Chief’s family in mind due to illnesses. 

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