Goofballs in the rainy Gloom….

AO: #AO_RoadRunner

When: 2/11/2020

PAX: 6 (Dora123, Odin, Shock Collar, Panther, Timber, and Glory)

FNG: Goose Egg

Q: Focker

Lovely rainy cool morning in Phoenix at Roadrunner Park. As Q thought the next best thing to it raining meatballs would be to do a heavy dose of “Goofballs” to keep heart rates and temperatures warm! All were please with this thinking 🙂 Q was very thoughtful of PAX and moved most of the workout to the Ramada’s from hell! Only way to get from one to the other was crawling or crabbing…some of us used the sidewalk, others were more literal and took the direct line.

Warm-a-Rama: Start with Motivators to get the blood moving and shake the rain, count started at 10 and reduced down. Next the shoulder tap X 40. keep those arms up! Overhead arm claps x 20, again arms kept out, Seal Claps x 20. Arms out still move to overhead Arm Presses x 15, keep arms up… move to the Goofball x 20.

The Thang: Move it….PAX. Mosey around park 3/4 mile run with last 400 yards at double time to the first Ramada (with picnic tables). First PAX do Goofballs until the SIX is in the Ramada. THE SET (all done using the picnic benches): Stair Climbers (each leg = 1), dry docks, and box jumps. First Ramada starts with count of 5, second 10, third 15, fourth 20, fifth 25, and sixth 30! in between Ramada PAX alternate Bear Crawl and Crab Walking. Yes, those taking direct routes may have placed hand or two in “mud”… made by a dog (oops- yuck… we hope it was a dog). Serious handwashing occurred. Between all sets the first PAX completed would count out Goofballs until the SIX completed “the set”. Mosey back the way we came.

Mary: Start where we left off with Motivators staring at count of 7 and reduced down count.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama!


Announcements: BBQ at Timber’s on 3/28 at 3pm! CSAUP planning for 4/4 starting at 3am. Discussed how placing Emergency Contact on SLACK profile is a GREAT IDEA for safety in cars of emergency.

ALL PAX fully motivated for the rest of the week, and were total GOOFBALLS in the rain. Thanks to GLORY from Eastside for joining us in the GLOOM at RR!!

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