AO: The Furnace

When: 2/8/2020

PAX: 10 (Longboard, U-Haul, Stu, Spatzle, Sherpa, Timber, Princess, Focker, Panther, Armstrong)

FNG: None

Q: Wilson Chief


Beautiful morning at the Furnace, low 40s and clear. Grateful for our “winter” and wonderful weather that we have.

5:58am and no Q….5:59am and no Q….6:00am and no Q….6:01am AUDIBLE because Q was fartsacking so Chief decided to take it at the last minute (very similar to the KC Chiefs at the big game last week). And off we go!



Mosey around the park to give Q time to think about impromptu Q

SSH (IC x 15)

Mountain climbers (IC x 15)

The Thang

  • Mosey to the circle
    • PAX #1 sprints around the half circle while other PAX complete step-ups on the blocks.
    • When PAX #1 back at circle, PAX #2 runs around half circle while other PAX complete incline merkins on the blocks.
    • Alternate between step-ups and incline merkins until all PAX have run the half circle.
    • Rinse/repeat except exercises are now Bonnie Blairs and calf raises.
  • Mosey to Focker Hill. Thankfully no buckets present. Complete Everests (2 lunges followed by 1 squat) up the hill. 8 merkins at top of hill. Run down, Everests back up to the top, followed by 7 merkins at top, etc, all the way down to 1 merkin. Lot of mumbles from the PAX.
  • Mosey to the infamous Road Rash 21s Pit of Doom.
    • While the Chiefs did score 21 points in the 4th quarter of the big game last week, YHC polled the PAX to see if anybody knew how much they won by. Panther knocked it out of the park and nailed it by yelling ELEVEN! Yes, he was correct, the Chiefs won the big game by 11 and YHC was still in celebration mode from Sunday!
    • PAX complete 11s across the Road Rash Pit of Doom – alternating with Burpees and monkey humpers.
  • Mosey to the field. Complete one legged SSH (IC x 12 per leg).





  • F3 Phoenix leadership team announced! Details on Slack.
  • Tempe AO is building an F3 flag! Thurs Mar 5 around 7pm if you want to help out!
  • For baseball fans – Tales From the Dugout is Tuesday Feb 18. YHC is going if anybody wants to join! Details on Slack.
  • BBQ at Timber’s home – March 28. Evite on Slack!



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