Hunting Groundhogs in Tempe

AO: North Shore (Tempe)

When: 1/30/2020

PAX: 12 (C(L)ock Blocker, Spatzle, Longboard, Messy, U-Haul, Timber, Stu, Twinkle Toes, Glory, Stark, Ticket (OH), Dimples (FL))

FNG: None

Q: Sweater Vest


Beautiful morning on the North Shore in Tempe.  Sweater Vest began with the proper disclaimer – “I’m definitely not a professional” … all agreed.  He added that in anticipation of Shock Collar’s Groundhog Day workout on February 1st, he thought it would be fun to go Groundhog Hunting.  As the PAX mossied to grassy knoll for a brief warm-up, C(L)ock Blocker and Spatzle arrived in typical fashion.

Sweater Vest warned the PAX that any “vehicle” that looked like something Bill “Carl Spackler” Murray would use resulted in 5 Burpees.  Let’s just say we saw a number of “vehicles” (e.g., utility truck, bicycles, scooters) along the way.


  • 12x Side Straddle Hop
  • …. 5 Burpees
  • 10x Windmills
  • 10X Merkins
  • 10x World War II Sit-ups

The Thang

After the brief warm-up, the PAX counted off in “2’s” and formed teams for a race to see who had to carry a heavy bag across Mill Avenue Bridge and up A Mountain.  One-by-one, each member of the respective teams raced down the hill, across the sand volleyball court, to the lake, and back while the rest of the team did Burpees, Merkins, Planks, and Squats.  With a strong performance from Spatzle (aka anchorman), Team 1 won in a photo finish.  As the winner, Team 1 got to fill the backpack with sand while Team 2 continued with their warm-ups.   

In an effort to avoid being on Focker time, the teams jogged across the Mill Avenue Bridge in a brisk pace, periodically stopping for a few Burpees and Merkins.  These also presented great opportunities to rotate the very HEAVY backpack.

Upon making it to the Top of A Mountain, Team 1 took over the backpack. 

Mary – 1 minute of Mary led by Twinkle Toes.  Of course, he picked Flutter Kicks. 



COT – special intentions for Twinkle Toes’ wife, Stark’s daughter, Stu’s son, and those who were traveling home.

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