Football Practice

Declaimed given! I am not a professional, you do you, modify as you feel necessary!

AO: Furnace

Q: Focker

Pax: 18

warmarama: Motivators starting at 10 and going down. 10 Jacked-up Burpees (burpee with a 3 count plank jack in the middle). 1/2 mile mosey.

the Thang: start with 80’s Hard Rock music: playlist with AC/DC, Van Halen, Run DMC, Beasty Boys, Twisted Sister. PAX loved the music.

start in circle, 25 up downs, feet moving full time when Q yells down, PAX hit the ground and spring back up, again with feet moving.

2 sets of Merkin Killers: 10 Merkins, 25 WWII, 10 diamond pushups, 25 American Hammers, 10 wide Merkins.

50 yard post routes, 50 yard flag routes, 50 yard button and go routes.

2 sets of Zig zags around buckets, 2 sets of zig zag bear crawls around buckets, 2 sets of backpedaling zig zags through buckets.

PAX partner up. Begin push me dumbies; one pax give resistance in front of the other pushing him 10 yards x 2 sets each.

one partner picks up heavy bucket, mosey to Focker Hill. One partner goes over hill with bucket and foes 2 bucket squats on other side. Other partner does mountain climbers, then switch after partner comes back from over hill. Set of two each for partners.

Countarama: 18
namerama: 1 FNG from CO… now @Sparky (yep, he was a wildcat for college!), DR’s Timber, Sidewayz, Honey Pot. Panther, Sherpa, Chief, Shock Collar, Ratatouille, sweater vest, Wilson, papa Doc, Longboard, U Haul. (I’m missing people)… I will edit later to add you!!! Sorry!!! I’m old, and too many concussions jk!!!

mosey back to circle up. As PAX lived the updowns so much and @ratatouille really loved them Q had PAX complete 15 more to end The Thang!!!

COT and off to coffeteria

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