Posted, Ghosted, & Toasted

When: January 23, 2020
Where: North Shore Beach
Q: Spatzle Longboard

10 PAX POSTED. Mumble chatter as we wait for Q. Mumble chatter as we joke about Q not showing. Realize Q is not showing. 10 PAX GHOSTED.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and didn’t even plan for this one! Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.

Warm up:
Mosey on to the grassy area to plant the flag
Merkins SSH (10x). Blood starts to flow
Merkins (10x)
Hillbilly Walker (10x)
Shoulder taps (10x)

Pre Thang:
Indian run to the pedestrian bridge (5 merkins for the six before running to front)
Run across the pedestrian bridge with 25 air squats at each blue light (x 4)
Grab a ledge: Derkins (10x), Tricep Dips (10x), Carolina dry docks (10x) 4 count Wall walks (10 x)

The Thang:
Although Spatzle wasn’t there in person to Q, he did clue me in on what he was planning, which included suicide sprints…

Count off to two groups.
First group does a suicide on course designed by YHC, second group holds a plank. Switch!

Rinse and repeat while second group holds side plank


Post Thang:
Run across the pedestrian bridge with 25 air squats at each blue light (x 4)
Mosey back to flag, stopping periodically to enjoy the lake with good old Mary…
15 bicycles
15 reverse bicycles
10 rowboats (fitting)
10 Fifer scissors
15 Hillbilly Rockettes

Spatzle missed 45 minutes of the workout, so we catch his back and do 45 burpees on his behalf

Count a rama:10

Name a rama: Stark, Chief, Sweatervest Road Rash, Twinkle Toes, Honeypot (DR from STL, respect respect), Full House (FNG), Timber (EH’d by Snyder from DR in MN, FNG), B Flat (FNG)

COT: Challenge yourself to do something you don’t already know you can do. Think bigger and beyond yourself and the limits you set.

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