On A Mountain, that’s jacked up

When: January 16, 2020
Where: North Shore Beach
Q: Prime
The Pax: Glory, Gumby, Stark, Chief, Longboard, Messy, Sweater Vest, Glory, Gumby, Stark, Spatzle, Worthington (Seattle, WA), and Hot Toddy (Birmingham, AL).

Warm up:
Mosey on to the grassy area to plant our flag and start with a few exercises to warm our body up
Don Quixote (11x) I remember to raise the tone after 10
Side Straddle Hop (15x)
Imperial Walker (15x)
Peter Parker (10x)
Special rule in play, 3 burpees per plane that flies over our head. Rule applies as we finish warm up and the first plane flies over our head. 3 Burpees!
Mosey on to the top of the bridge

The Thang:
BLIMPS across the bridge, there are 19 lamp posts so this means we start at the first one and get to do every exercise 3 times!
Every exercises is times 8, so 3 sets of 8 of each exercises.
Imperial Walkers
Plank Jacks

As we finish crossing the bridge, we plank waiting for the traffic light since we are safe law abiding citizens. But got in the way of a jogger, oops. Made our way to to the base of A Mountain
Go to the top, 20 steps sprinting, 20 steps walking until we make it to the top.

This exercise reads way easier than it is to do…
Jacked Up:
SSH x 50
Seal Jacks x 40
Plank Jacks x 30
Crossover Squat Jacks x 25
Smurf Jacks x 20

We mosey on back for a circle of trust
My words of wisdom is to be reliable. By being reliable, it allows those around us to be more effective. If you agree to someone that you will get something done, you will get it done. This allows others to not worry or check in and allows an entire collectively to be more effective than all single individuals put together. A single person should not be spending their time thinking on multiple different subjects at the same time. Imagine a shield and spear formation. If the person operating a spear has to worry about whether his shield is effective, he will not be as effective at his own job as well. However, by combining the two, they get more done together.

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