Bringing the Heat from Sea-Town!

AO: The Furnace

When: 1/15/2020

PAX: 11 (Wilson, Ratatouille, Road Rash, Sweater Vest, Spatzle, Sherpa, Armstrong, Stir Fry, Shock Collar, Dora 1 2 3, Chief)

FNG: Cabana Boy

Q: Worthington (DR from F3 Puget Sound)


SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Little Baby Arm Circles

The Thang

  • MOSEY- off we head to the Waterfalls- AMRAP Burpees as we wait for the LONG light….
  • At the Waterfall-Partner 1- P1 AMRAP Declines, P2 up the stairs and around, FlapjackPartner 1- P1 AMRAP Inclines, P2 up the stairs and around, FlapjackPartner 1- P1 AMRAP Stepups P2 up the stairs and around, Flapjack
  • Top of Waterfall-3 rounds: P1 Balls to the Wall, P2 Sprint to fence (Round 1 10 merkins, Round 2 10 Squats, Round 3 10 Plankjacks. (Plenty of whining from the PAX about BALLS TO THE WALLS, Note the F3 PHX do more B2TW!)
  • Now new Partners- Both partners bear crawl to stairs, P1 wheelbarrows down, both partners bear crawl to center. Now flapjack to crawl bears, P2 backwards wheelbarrows up the stairs, at the top crawl bear to the start. (we avoided any major injuries, but some close calls…)
  • Mosey back to the AO (luckily the light needed no burpees…)
  • To the Yellow Brick Road- Run to the far lamp post 8 merkins, run back 1 jump squat, repeat until we have gone to a 1 merkins/8 jump squat count. (Great mumblechatter here!)

Mary – Mosey to the COP- Alphabet with each PAX using core strength to spell out the first initial of their F3 name. 30 count flutters.

COT – 3rdF- Remember how uncomfortable you felt at your 1st workout? The physical pain? Don’t you feel stronger now? The same is true with the 3rd F. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable with the other HIM in the PAX and put as much work towards the 3rd F as you do the 1st. A true F3 HIM is strong in all areas of fitness, fellowship and faith! 

Thanks to my brothers in PHX, it is a PRIVILEGE to join you in the Gloom!

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