The Witch Hat

AO: North Shore (Tempe)

When: 1/9/2020

PAX: 9 (Longboard, Hello Kitty DR from Carpex, U-Haul, Sweater Vest, Road Rash, Stu, Stark, Snyder DR from MN, Spatzle)

FNG: Double Scoop

Q: Chief


Beautiful morning in Tempe, low 40s and clear. PAX strolled in just on time (surprisingly Longboard was one of them!) and were ready to roll, well most of them….

Sweater Vest showed up a few minutes late and fulfilled his burpee penalty. SV claimed that C(L)ock texted him and said he would be late as well. After second thought, he realized it was Spatzle that was going to be late. Wonder why he first thought of C(L)ock when the word “late” came to mind. Hmm.



Mosey to grassy area

Hillbilly walkers (IC x 20)

Motivators (5)

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bridge for a jog to the south side.
    • Complete 2 merkins at first light. 2 narrow merkins at second light. 2 crucible merkins at third light. 3 merkins at fourth light, etc, etc. until reaching the other side (17 total light poles!).
    • While running to the south side, 20 (it is 2020 isn’t it?!?) Bonnie Blairs for every white car that passed by us. 2 white cars passed us. Could have been worse…phew.
  • Straight up A-Mountain.
    • 20 steps sprinting followed by 20 steps walking. Alternate all the way to the landing before the steps. Finish the way up to the top of the mountain. “Enjoy” the view by doing 20 squats and a 20 second squat hold.
    • Work way back down and take a “break” with 20 Bobby Hurleys.
    • Back to the bridge. After the beatdown, Hello Kitty posted a picture of the elevation change during the beatdown and it resembled a witch hat with the big elevation jump in the middle – thank you A-Mountain! And thank you F3 Gnarly Goat for the unofficial name!
  • Run back to north side of the bridge. PAX encouraged to run faster than normal…any white car passing us = 20 burpees! Fortunately only one white car passed by. Sweater Vest felt the need to negotiate with YHC that only 10 burpees were necessary…he ended up winning.

Mary –

  • WW2 SU (IC x 20)
  • J-Los (IC x 20)
  • Plank hold – 20 seconds.




  • Definition of resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  • If you make a New Years resolution or 2020 goal – you should be committed to following through the best that you can. F3 serves as a great place for others to hold you accountable so you can accomplish what is meaningful and important in your life.

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