Neighborhood Stroll

AO: The Furnace

When: 1/4/2020

PAX: 4 (Focker, Shock Collar, Pool Boy, Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief




Mosey to field

One-leg SSH (IC x 12 per leg)

American knockouts (IC x 15)

WW2 SU (IC x 15)


The Thang

  • Mosey through the neighborhood. When passing first house with holiday lights STILL on (similar to YHC..oops), complete 5 burpees. Increase # of burpees by 1 for each house we pass with lights still on. Total of 6 houses with lights still on!
  • Mosey to the school. 3 rounds of sprints from the parking lot to the wall. Gave PAX a “break” between sprints with a wall sit. First wall sit 50 seconds, second round of 75 seconds, and final round of 50 seconds.
  • Mosey back to the Furnace. YHC recently posted with F3 Kansas City a few times and they were so nice to teach YHC about the Motivator. PAX complete 13 Motivators. Lots of grumbles from YHC and the PAX about their calves feeling it.
  • Mosey to the circle. Mumble chatter about Focker Hill and the infamous bucket beatdown! PAX thankful Focker Hill was not part of today’s beatdown.
    • Decline plank while each PAX run around playground. Once they get back, next PAX runs around playground and everybody switches to overhead AC. Do this in alternating fashion until everybody has run around playground twice.
    • Next, YHC starts with 10 incline merkins on the blocks. PAX complete step ups/box jumps. Move around the PAX until everybody has gone. Rinse/repeat but with 15 incline merkins and lunges instead of step ups.

Mary –

  • American knockouts (IC x 20)
  • Side planks. 30 seconds each side
  • American hammers (IC x 25)
  • Low plank hold for 30 seconds




  • New Gilbert AO launched today. Even if you don’t intend on making it there regularly, keep in mind any potential FNGs that live close so they can feel the positive impact of F3 that we are fortunate enough to experience.
  • Only a few days left for F3 Phoenix gear orders! Get your order in if you haven’t already.
  • Monday 1/13 is the F3 Phoenix 2020 planning and social get together. All are welcome. Details posted on Slack!


  • Definition of resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  • If you make a New Years resolution or 2020 goal – it should be meaningful and you should be committed to following through the best that you can. F3 serves as a great place for others to hold you accountable so you can accomplish what is meaningful in your life.


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