2020 Pulling in the same direction!

Date: 1/1/2020

AO: #AO_Furnace

Q: @Focker

PAX:  Stu, Panther, U Haul, Shock Collar


Warm-up:  20’s in cadence

Side Straddle hops, Overhead Arm Claps, Arm Circles forward & backward, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, and Back Stretchers.

The Thang:

Pax count off 1 and 2’s.  1 member of each group picks up heavy bucket and carries 200 yards while teammates do Imperal Walkers then switch the way back.  Repeat with High Knee Skipping, and Moving Bonnie Blair’s.

Carry Buckets to Focker Hill:  1 Pax carries bucket up hill and does two bucket squats while partners do mountain climbers.  Repeat with switching until count of twenty bucket squats.

carry buckets to light.  Stretch rope and prepare for tug a war!!! Team 1 vs 2.  1st round winners do 5 burpees, losers run and do 5 dips. Swap teams winners 10 burpees, losers 10 dips. Swap again, winners 15 burpees, losers 15 dips.
Next, stretch rope out on ground all pax line up behind Q, do quick jumps from one side of rope to other, back and forth x 3.
2 pax pick up buckets. Other pax with rope overhead do high knees 400 yards, switch x2.



COT: each PAX prays for something going into the new year 2020!

coffeteria was not yet open and all PAX shed a tear and were grumpy without coffee!!!  Happy New Year!!!




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