The First Official Day of Winter 

AO: The Furnace

When: 12/21/2019

PAX: Chief, Curtain Call, Stu, Spatzle, Sherpa, Harry, Lloyd, Forker, Panther, Ratatouille, Phunny (DR), U-Haul, Simba, Sweater Vest

Q: Wilson (CSO)

Stretch & Warm Up

PAX stretched as a group and then lined up for sprints from the circle to the corner of 56th & Osborn. PAX ran sprints at 25, 50, 75, 100% and were ready go.

The Thang

Tabata Style Workout. PAX split into 2 groups and performed each exercise below for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off, and then switch exercises and repeat this until the Tabata count was done. 


Mountain Climbers


Narrow Merkins

One-Legged Squats on bench

Burpees (PAX favorite)

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Decline Merkins

Calve Raises

Carolina Drydocks

Step with Knee Raises


Bench Dips

Side Straddle Hops or variation of some type of Jacks

The PAX still had some energy so we ran 2 more sprints at 100%.


We could not finish without doing a High Plank for 1 minute.

Post Workout Stretch

Only fitting since the CSO was Q’ing


15 PAX


Welcome DR Phunny and welcome back Curtain Call, Harry & Lloyd, and Simba.


A lot of prayer requests and praises to be lifted up among the group as we head into the holiday and new year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

1 thought on “The First Official Day of Winter 

  1. Pee’ers and poopers did well! But someone definitely needs some gasex! New rules: no beans night before the workout!!! 💨


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