Santa Delivering Gifts in Tempe

AO: Tempe

Q: Sweater Vest

PAX: C(L)ockBlocker, Chief, Spatzel, Longborad, RoadRash, U-Haul, Twinkle-toes, Forrest, Glory, and Stark

Beautiful morning in Tempe.  Sweater Vest began with the proper disclaimer and off the crew went to the grassy knoll and a brief warm-up before the long night ahead.  In typical fashion, Longboard arrived a a few minutes too late.


9x Side Straddle Hop

9x Windmills

9x Squats

9X Merkins

9x World War II Sit-ups

The Thang:

Upon completing a brief warm-up, the PAX counted off in “2’s” and formed teams for reindeer races.  The teams were told that there was a penalty for not winning.  One-by-one, each reindeer raced down the hill, across the sand volleyball court, to the lake, and back while the rest of the team did Burpees, Merkins, and Squats.  Team 2 smoked Team 1 and got to fill Santa’s bag with sand, while Team 1 dressed in goofy Christmas socks, reindeer antlers, a Rudolph red nose, and a Santa hat.

In an effort to meet Santa’s tight delivery timeline, the reindeer jogged across the Mill Avenue Bridge, periodically stopping for a few Merkins and a change in who carried the backpack full of sand.  Upon arriving at “A” Mountain, Team 2 took possession of the heavy backpack …. “aka Santa’s revenge”.  The reindeer worked their way up “A” Mountain – some looking like dorks (funny outfits) while others carried AO flags and Santa’s bag – to get an amazing view of the Valley of the Sun and recognize a higher power.

The pack of reindeer hightailed it back to the north side of Tempe Town Lake, just in time for some Mary.

COT: special intentions for Twinkle toes’ wife, Zach, Lory, and Jim.

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