The Eight Nights of Hanukkah!

AO: The Furnace

Q: C(L)ockblocker

PAX: UHaul, Sweater Vest, Spatzle, Chief, Wilson, Road Rash, Sherpa, Dora 1 2 3

Wow it was cold this morning!! You heard that right, Cleveland! C(L)ockblocker gave the proper disclaimer and off we went on a mosey. New track out to the school. On the way out the wind was howling at our backs and, turning to Chief, I said it’s going to be brutal when we turn back into the wind to come back. It was. Good chatter from the PAX on the way out. Mostly aimed at Road Rash who sound like he smoked an entire campfire last night. Nonetheless, the chatter ended when we turned and headed back into the wind.


8x Side Straddle Hop

8x Arm Circles Forward

8x Arm Circles Backward

8 Sec Quad Stretch left

8 Sec Quad Stretch right

8 Sec Fingers to Toes

Taking it easy on the PAX and wanted to make sure the legs were properly stretched out. Smart guys this morning and they quickly caught on to the “8” theme. We did 12-days of Christmas on Saturday, thanks Pixle, and so I felt we needed to balance it with the 8-nights of Hanukkah!

The Thang:

Round Story 1: The Greeks outlaw Judaism and take over the temple.

Round Exercises 1: 8x box jumps, 8x dips, 8x Apolo Ohnos, 8x squats, 8x lunges, 8x merkins, 8x WWIIs, and 8x burpees

Round Story 2: The Maccabees rise up and revolt.

Round Exercises 2: Repeat R1

Round Story 3: The Maccabees kick some serious Greek tail. These guys are serious men!!

Round Exercises 3: Repeat R1

Round Story 4: Temple was reclaimed and a menorah was ordered to be burnt for 8-days straight. There was only enough oil for 1-day yet it burned the whole time. A miracle had happened!!

Round Exercises 4: Repeat R1

Round Story 5: Every year the 8-days are commemorated during the eight-nights of Hanukkah by lighting a Hanukkah. 9-candles in total with the one in the middle higher than the others. The one in the middle is used to light the candles nightly.

Round Exercises 5: Repeat R1

Round Story 6: It is customary to eat oily foods in memory of the miracle of the oil. In the US it tends to be Latkes and in Israel donuts. It’s estimated the country of Israel will eat 17.5 million donuts during the 8-days starting this Sunday.

Round Exercises 6: Repeat R1

Round Story 7: There are 16-ways to spell Hanukkah and all are technically correct. The two most popular are Chanukah and Hanukah.

Round Exercises 7: Repeat R1

Round Story 8: Hanukkah was popularized in the US during the late 1800s and likely due to its proximity to Christmas. In Judaism, it’s not a significant religious holiday although it is very popular. Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur all have significantly more religious importance.

Round Exercises 8: Time was short. In honor of those manly Maccabees, we finished out with 8×2 (16) burpees!


COT: Special intentions for Sherpa’s family following the recent passing of his father the late Bill Agar Sr. Also for his deceased mother, Lydia.

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