This Day 12/17 in History – AO Roadrunner

AO – Roadrunner

Q – Focker

PAX – Panther, Sweatervest, U Haul, Odin, Dora 123, Shock Collar

Started 2 minutes before 5:30 as Phoenix PAX were cold (39 degrees).  We are wimps to cold weather!  51 Side Straddle Hops, 51 Goofballs, 51 Plank Jacks for warmup.

the Thing:

12/17/1398 –  Timur captures & sacks Delhi, set camels loaded with hey on fire and ran them at the Sultans armored elephants!  12 Cherry Pickers, 17 Mountain Climbers, 13 Burpees, 98 WW2s

12/17/1903 – First flight at KittyHawk NC!  Wright brothers!  12 seal claps, 17 squats, 19 merkins, 3 sprints

12/17/1936 – Pope Francis III birthday.  12 cherry pickers, 17 mountain climbers, 19 burpees, 36 wide merkins

12/17/1986 – first heart, lung, liver transplant performed in Cambridge England.  12 overhead arm claps, 17 lunges, 19 Apollo Onos, 86 Imperial Walkers

12/17/1989 – Simpson’s premiers on fox tv. 12 seal claps, 17 squats, 19 Apollo Onos, 89 LBCs

Run – 800 yards

12/17/1968 – Focker birthday.  12 overhead armclaps, 17 lunges, 19 merkins, 68 put your socks on

Mary around all PAX.



Prayer!  All Pax happy to get outta cold!! Told ya we are cold weather wimps.


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