Spreading MORE Holiday Cheer!

AO: Tempe

When: 12/12/2019

PAX: 3 (Longboard, Twinkle Toes, and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief



High 40s in the gloom. Good to have Twinkle back in action!! Longboard showed up in typical Longboard fashion…a few minutes late. Result = penalty burpees. Was he late because he was working on some cold brew? PAX could only hope…




Goofballs (IC x 16)

Plank jacks (IC x 15)

SSH (IC x 20)


The Thang

  • Mosey to the bridge. Starting at the North Pole, PAX had to work their way to the South Pole looking for the perfect holiday tree and then all the way back to the North Pole. On the way there, stop at each light pole. Alternate between light poles with merkins, narrow merkins, and crucible merkins. Increase # of reps by 1 after every 3 light poles.
  • While running from North Pole to South Pole and back: if GREEN or RED car drives by = 13 burpees! If car drives by with antlers on the car….50 burpees! Apparently everybody was on the nice list this year because PAX only saw one green car, zero red cars and no antlers…PHEW.
  • Once back at the North Pole, time to keep looking for the perfect tree for the holidays!
    • Step #1: Find the perfect tree. While in circle, PAX hold Al Gore (hugging their perfect tree) until each PAX has completed 10 burpees in middle of circle. Fortunately, we found the perfect tree…at the Twinkle’s trees of life!
    • Step #2: Need to cut the tree down. While in circle, PAX hold high plank and raise arm up/down in a sawing motion. Do this until each PAX has completed 15 scorpion dry docks in middle of circle. We finally cut down our perfect tree!
    • Step #3: Decorate the tree. 20 jump squats (to decorate top part of tree), followed by 20 smurf jacks (to decorate on middle part), followed by 20 plank jacks (to decorate bottom part). All decorated now!
    • Step #4: Wait for that special somebody to come down the chimney! Listen to Here Comes Santa Clause. Hill billy walkers for duration of song and 1 Jackee for each time you hear “Santa” in the song.






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