Buddy the Elf

Q: Buddy the elf aka Armstrong

Elves don’t need to warm up, but they do let everyone choose what Gifts they make. We had a total of 11 out for our choose your punishment workout including 1 FNG Sticky Stiletto. Bullseye, Dora 1-2-3, Road Rash, Messi, Stir Fry, Chief, Prime, Clock Blocker, and Forge.

With Santa’s list of toys each person got to choose a number which corresponded with both a buddy the elf quote and a 1 minute work out. Some presents used the *snow blocks brought from the south pole.

Order not preserved we did sit ups, push ups, leg ups, dips. American hammers*, pull ups, calf raises*, crab walk, ankle touches, jump squats, bear crawls, block passes, mosey through “central park”, sit ups*, wide push ups, side planks, narrow push ups, jack hammers, wheel barrows, a broken wheel barrow and one rest.

Count a rama

Name a rama

Circle of Trust


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