Spreading Holiday Cheer!

AO: The Furnace

When: 12/7/2019

PAX: 12 (Wilson, Stu, Sherpa, Armstrong, Focker, Panther, Berlin, Road Rash, Ratatouille, Shock Collar, Pavarotti DR from NC, and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief



Beautiful morning in the low 50s in the gloom. Welcomed Pavaratti from NC and his local friend, Berlin. PAX showed up excited to learn about how they can spread holiday cheer this morning! Some mumble chatter followed about potential “presents” stored in YHC’s car trunk. Fortunately, coupons were saved for a future BD…




Mosey to field

Goofballs (IC x 15)

Plank jacks (IC x 12)

SSH (IC x 20)


The Thang

  • Time to get the PAX in the holiday spirit and begin spreading holiday cheer today!
  • Mosey through the neighborhood. When passing each house with holiday lights on, complete 1 crucible merkin. Increase # of reps by 1 for each house we pass. If running past a house with holiday inflatables – double the amount of crucible merkins for that house. Passed 14 houses with lights on! Ouch!
  • Back at the Furnace, complete Little Merkin Boy. Hold wide plank for duration of song and do 1 werkin (wide merkin) each time PAX hear “Pa rum pum pum pum”.
  • Time to find us a tree for the holidays!
    • Step #1: Find the perfect tree. While in circle, PAX hold Al Gore (hugging their perfect tree) until each PAX has completed 5 burpees in middle of circle. Fortunately, we found the perfect tree!
    • Step #2: Need to cut the tree down. While in circle, PAX hold high plank and raise arm up/down in a sawing motion. Do this until each PAX has completed 10 Carolina dry docks in middle of circle. We finally cut down our perfect tree!
    • Step #3: Need to carry the tree home. Since trees are heavy, PAX needed to work on shoulders. Overhead arm claps (IC x 40), followed by underhead arm claps (IC x 40), followed by cherry pickers (IC x 40), followed by Randys (IC x 50). We’re ready to carry our tree now and put it in front of the window!
    • Step #4: Decorate the tree. 15 jump squats (to decorate top part of tree), followed by 15 smurf jacks (to decorate on middle part), followed by 15 low plank reaches (to decorate bottom part). All decorated now!
    • Step #5: Wait for that special somebody to come down the chimney! Listen to Here Comes Santa Clause. Hill billy walkers for duration of song and 1 Jackee for each time you hear “Santa” in the song.

Mary –

  • Reverse LBCs (IC x 15)
  • WW2 sit ups (IC x 25).



Announcements – Piestewa Trail Run on Friday mornings is still going strong! Great trail run and worth giving it a try if you haven’t already. Good opportunity to challenge yourself.



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