The Undertaker!


DR in Phoenix’s Roadrunner AO

Seven PAX met in the cool desert gloom to meet the Roadrunner and whoop it’s @$$ Odin, Dora 123, Uhaul, YogiBerra, Shock Collar, our own (Shooter) DeVere, and @Tom (Undertaker) Clayton on the DR Q

Warm Up
SSH, IW, Windmills, Arm circles

The Thang
Big Breasted 3 some with Paula Abdul
Sprint 30ish yds to cone for 5 diamond Merks, 5 reg Merks, 5 wide Merks, Bernie Sanders back 15ish yds REPEATO to end of (7 reps)
Mosey back to start stopping at every cone for 3 burpees (21 total burpees)
Time for a ride on The Merry Core Round
Lap around the pond circle back up for 20 reps each of core exercises
First stop GMT’s, 30/60/90, LBC’s, Flutters
Second stop Freddie Mercs/Merc Freddies, Crunchy Frogs, Penguins
3rd Stop Bike Abs, Box Cutters, Big Boi SU’s
On to Dip City in the Pavillion
15 of each… Dips, step ups, incline Merks, Derkins
Circle Up for the Undertaker Shuffle (side shuffle and drop for a burpee on the “hit it”)
Straight into Guantanamo

A little bit of Mary
Taught or PHX boyz how to do SuperMan and Phelps.

COT Thanks to @Odin for the supreme honor of asking me to Q today. I’m humbled beyond words. This was an absolute blast and super cool to have (Shooter) DeVere by my side. Always remember that for some this will be the easiest thing they do today for others it will be the toughest. Continue to tell those around you that you love them. Life is precious. Be great husbands, sons, brothers, and men in the community.

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