Round and Round We Go!

AO: The Furnace

When: 11/9/2019

PAX: 10 (Wilson, Stu, U-Haul, Sherpa, Sweater Vest, Spatzle, Armstrong, Focker, Panther, and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief




Mosey to field

Hill billy walkers (IC x 15)

Arm circles – forward, backward, overhead (IC x 15 for each)

Zeroes (on your six, complete number 0 with your legs and reverse) (IC x 10)


The Thang

  • Wave of Merkins – PAX circle up in grass. Everybody holds wide plank. YHC starts with 1 merkin, on to next PAX for 1 merkin, continue all the way around circle and increase # of merkins by 1 each time complete full circle. Exercise last length of the song playing (sorry for the LONG guitar solo at the end!)
  • Mosey to parking lot. YHC’s trunk pops open and mumbles followed from the PAX. Everybody grabs a block. Sherpa is tougher than everybody else and declines gloves. Mosey (with block overhead) to field.
  • Circle Burpees with block for length of a song (sorry, ANOTHER long guitar solo at the end). High knees and then complete a burpee (with block) when PAX yells “down”. Sweater Vest made mistake of wishing for a Chiefs loss. He redeemed himself by saying he was rooting for ASU today.
  • Mosey to the circle with block overhead. Complete 40 step ups with block. Complete one curl with block after each step up.
  • Mosey to parking lot circle island. Wheel of Carolina Dry Docks on the circle island! YHC starts with 5 carolina dry docks then runs around the circle until back to his spot, on to next PAX for the same, continue all the way around circle. PAX hold plank on curb while anxiously waiting for their turn.
  • Mosey to the valley below Focker Hill. PAX in circle again for Global Warming. PAX complete Al Gores and when YHC calls “down” PAX do mountain climbers until YHC calls out “up” to start more Al Gores. On to next PAX for the same, continue all the way around circle.
  • Mosey to circle and grab your block again. 30 Sumo Squats IC (with block touching ground on way down).
  • Mosey to school parking lot and complete Wheel of Merkin on the curb for last 2 minutes of song.
  • Mosey back to circle for Squat Potato. PAX in circle again (no surprise at this point) but closer together. Complete squat hold and pass around one block like hot potato.
  • Walk back to field with block overhead again.

Mary –

  • American hammers with block led by Panther. (IC x 15). 2 sets.
  • Low flutter kicks while hold block above head (IC x 19).
  • WW2 sit ups with block (IC x 15).
  • Low flutter kicks while completing chest press with block (IC x 15).



Announcements – 

  • Bunk bed build coming up Sat 11/16 if you want to join a few of us!
  • Happy Planksgiving (M and 2.0 day) planned for Sat 11/30. More details to come.

COT – Talked about importance of Veterans Day. Left the PAX with a quote from JFK for everybody to think about: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them”.


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