Fan the Iron PAX Flames at The Furnace


The Furnace

Q: Ticket

PAX: Road Rash, Wilson, Mesi (HATE!), Sweater Vest, Kenwood (RESPECT!), Spaetzle, Stir Fry, Chief, Dora 123, Short Skirt (HATE!), Ticket

The Iron PAX Challenge was a huge success pushing guys to find their limits and go beyond. This workout was inspired by the Iron PAX Challenge and the intensity it brought.

YHC arrived as the local Furnace faithful were beginning to gather, quickly put some cones out and got back to the circle.

YHC reviewed the mission of F3 as well as the 5 Core principles. The PAX warmed up with 15 side straddle hops and headed over to the cones by the picnic area.

YHC ran through the inspiration for the workout (Iron PAX Challenge) and reviewed all of the exercises to be done, providing demos as needed. This was a timed beatdown and we were ready to get started.

Here’s the Thang:

30 Burpees

400 M run

30 Plank Jack / Groiner

400 M run

30 Lt. Dan’s

400 M run

30 High Knees (4 is 1)

400 M run

40 Big Boy Sit-ups (Dora 123 called them WWII’s) 

400 M run

40 Merkins

400 M run

40 Speedskaters (1 is 1) 

400 M run

50 Hello Dollies (2 is 1)

200 M run

50 Bonnie Blairs (1 is 1)

200 M run

100 M Broad Jump Burpees

100 M run

Most PAX finished between 32 and 39 minutes. YHC only got 50 M Broad Jump Burpees in before we had to get to the COT (but finished up after the COT).

In the COT, we did Count-o-Rama and Name-o-rama. YHC shared the 6 with the PAX, which Toledo got from Louisville and now does at every beatdown with 6 or more PAX present. The 6 goes to the center of the circle and gives their hospital name, age, F3 name, how they got their name, who EHd them, and what F3 means to them/why they keep coming back. YHC ran through my story and then had the 6 come in, Spaetzle who did a great job delivering his story to the PAX.

After the 6, we had announcements, upcoming F3/FIA/2.0 convergence at the end of the month, and a 3rd F opportunity for the Impact Challenge building bunk beds.

We ended with prayer intentions for Slice’s family, for the PAX to have impact on the community, thanks for holding off the storm long enough and the quick shower, and for the creation and spread of F3 across the nation.

Coffeeteria following the beatdown at Starbucks.

It was an honor and a privilege leading the PAX  of Phoenix. Thanks for having me. Aye!

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