Trick or Beast

C(L)ockblocker at Q
PAX: Prime, Wilson, Sweater Vest, Chief, Messy, Spazle, Stir Fry, Dora 1 2 3, Ratatouille, Road Rash, and FNG Short Skirt (T.J. Mitchell).
Disclaimer was given, and C(L)ockblocker knowing what lie ahead, wanted to be extra sure the PAX understood, so the last immortal words, before moseying out to the field, were “not my fault”.
Warma Rama
SSH x15
Arm Circles x15 Forward and Back
Stretch out the legs
Imperial Walkers x15
The Thang
Halloween is next week and so how appropriate to kick it off with a rendition of every ones favorite, the beast. Typical setup, three stations out, three stations back, six reps of each exercise at each station.
Burprees to start
No cheat squats
Wide Jump Squats
And let’s end with an easy one, Imperial Walkers. Trick!!!!!!! I meant to say burpees!! Hahaha!! I love Halloween!
Everyone catch breath and then line up for an Indian run. Went all the way around and prime had last his keys. Time to backtrack to find those keys, AYGs through the center of the park. My goodness that’s not easy!! Prime found his keys,
Back to the field where we all did a round robin. Made it half way round, C(L)ock mindful of the clock ended the PAX right on time. Circled up for COT.
Prayed for the core group, Lori, Jim, Zach, and Jeremy.
Chief has posted info about a 3rd F initiate on Slack,

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