Wilson’s Stretch Session

AO: The Furnace

When: 10/12/2019

PAX: Chief, Sweater Vest, Spatzle, Longboard, Shock Collar, Bueller, Road Rash, Sherpa, Armstrong, Stu,

Q: Wilson (CSO)

Stretch & Warm Up

PAX stretched as a group as then went for a mosey around the park.

The Thang

PAX split into 2 groups and performed 3 sets of each exercise, 12 reps each time, 15 second break between sets of the following:

Handstand Walk (against bathroom wall)

Bench Dips

Calve Raises

Decline Merkins

Mountain Climbers

Step with Knee Raises

Press Ups

Spider Crawl (aka Spidermans)

Wide Grip Pull-ups


Burpees (PAX favorite)

Single Leg Glute Bridge


Reverse Crunch (12 count cadence)

Frozen V-Sit (12 count cadence)

Sit-up (12 count cadence)

Side Plank (L & R) 30sec each

Low Plank for 1 minute





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