Good Morning Burpies

2 PAX to enjoy the sun-rise across beautiful Tempe Town Lake today. Do I count as a PAX? maybe it’s 1.

PAX: Chief
Q: Prime


Don Quixote 20
Baby arm circles 20
Side straddle hop 15
Hillbillies 15

Special notice before The Thang – Good morning Burpies

While moseying you must say “good morning” to everyone you pass. If they reply “good morning” then the pax stop and perform 5 burpees then continue on your way. Bonus points if the person who replies to the pax performs the burpees also.
We were luckily interrupted multiple times by friendly people this good morning.

Mosey to the bridge stairs

The Thang

Johnny Drama
Stand with your toes on a stair. One hand on the handrail to the side. Drop your heels below the stair, and then do a calf raise (Technically a Negative Calf Raise). Johnny Drama wanted Calf implants because his calves were not big enough – get them bigger using this. 25 are done and folks start running funny. Let’s run up the stairs

We mosey across the bridge and stop at each lamp-post to perform an exercise
5 Burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)
15 Imperial Walkers
20 merkins
25 plank jacks
30 squats
So we now know there are exactly 19 lamp-posts to run to and we started running from the first one, the math ended up perfectly with doing 3 sets of blimps.

So my intention was that we would run through tempe beach park but it is surrounded by security, so we ran around it instead. Luckily got a few good morning burpies to slow us down since I can’t run as long as chief can. We run past the pedestrian bridge and remember that like Johnny Drama, we want bigger calves so 25 more calf raises. Continue to the flag and more morning burpies.

Hello Dolly – 20
Rosalita – 20
LBCs – 15

For words of wisdom, I talk about how saying yes to something is saying no to something else.

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