Happy Birthday Bill Murray!

AO: The Furnace

When: 9/21/2019

PAX: 9 (Sherpa, Wilson, Spatzle, Pixel, U-Haul, Pink Gorilla, Wynonna, Ratatouille and Chief)

FNG: None

Q: Chief


Great weather this morning – sunny and starting to cool down. Today is the birthday for two people – Stephen King and Bill Murray. PAX guessed ages of both (which would later be meaningful)…



Mosey to the field

Hill billy walkers (IC X 15)

SSH (IC x 20)

WW2 (IC X 15)

The Thang

  • Side plank for # of seconds equal to Bill’s age. Since he gets respect respect in F3 Nation because of his age, complete side plank again.
  • Mosey to Focker Hill.
  • BILL: Instead of Blimps, complete BILL with 91 reps (Bill has been credited in 91 movies) near Focker Hill. Burpees, Imperial Walkers, Ladder Jacks, and LBCs.
  • Mosey to circle.
  • Complete 8 scorpion dry docks, 8 box jumps, and 8 Derkins OYO. Complete circuit 3 times OYO. Bill has 8 siblings (credit to Wynonna for knowing this or having a really good guess) and 3 other them are actors as well.
  • Mosey to picnic table area.
  • Play song from Groundhog Day that Phil Connors wakes up to everyday (credit to Pink Gorilla for knowing this and is awarded one burpee reduction). Hold squat position and complete one burpee for every time PAX hear “babe” in the song. After song was done, reminded PAX of the premise of Groundhog Day and received some evil looks. Played same song but instead held plank and completed one merkin for every time PAX heard “babe”.
  • Mosey to giant sand box.
  • Partner up. Partners complete 18 (golf theme from Caddy Shack) down and backs through the sand and alternate who runs. Stationary PAX do squat jumps to imitate a gopher popping out of the ground (Bill’s worst nightmare from Caddy Shack).
  • Mosey to circle and finish with more LBCs.





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